Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First World Awesomness

Hoo! *blows dust everywhere* Man, this thing hasn't been used in a while.

Wow, depressing last post. Everyone* must have thought I up and killed myself after my mom's cat died. Nope! I procreated instead. About four months ago. Yeah.

So I guess this is going to be a mommy blog now or something. I mean, not every post would be about my amazing snowflake baby but a bunch of them will. Say around 78% baby related stuff. Probably some other crap thrown in about my own thoughts or what happened on the last Buffy episode I watched (thx netflix).

My baby's name is [REDACTED]. Oh right, there likely will be no pictures and no names since I would like to keep her online footprint to a minimum until she can control it herself. Until she can expressly give me permission to post her info, say around 13 (hey, its good enough for Facebook) there will be very little.

Okay, enough about babies. Lets talk about the little things. You know, the things that make life easier and you can't really imagine it without them. For a FTM, there are but a few. Target. Amazon Prime. BJ's. Grandparents that live in the same town as you (both sets, haha, I got it made). Aden+Anais blankets. A husband who knows how to drive the oven.

And now, this.

Dude, it is a PUMP for your SHAMPOO. No longer do I need to laborously reach up to grasp my Suave. No more to squeeze out some variable amount of soap for my head (too much, takes forever to come out. Too little and you are stuck with oily patches in the back). What's that? The crack of the bottle cap as it snaps off because I banged it into the shower tile by accident? NEVER AGAIN.

You guys have no idea what kind of amazing this is. Did you ever want to ring those desk bells when you were a kid but never got to because who even needs those anymore, seriously? And if you do use it, YOU look like the jackass even though the guy behind the desk was AWOL? Pumping out your shampoo is like finally getting to ring that damn bell, only you get to do it every morning and you get the exact same amount of shampoo every time (and you can pump it again if you need more, wow!)

Why yes, I am a cheap date. I assure you I was this way before I had children as well, just ask my sister. And yes, I DO get to shower every morning because I have a husband who understands that daily cleaning of my body is not negotiable. That and I really really want to play with the pump action shampoo.

*No one reads this blog, what the hell

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