Monday, November 21, 2011


Stupid internet. Guess who's never heard the lyrics to "Turn Around" before? Yeah.

My kid is nearly five months, but already I'm feeling this way about her growth. Every time I look up from whatever I'm doing, it seems like she's suddenly so much bigger. I was actually going to write a post about it called "Turn Around" because that's so close to what it feels like. GUESS I'M NOT THE FIRST PERSON TO FEEL THIS WAY.

You know how people always talk about living "in the moment" and I'm all, yeah, sure I will, but I have to like, make plans and grocery lists for tomorrow and stuff. So I've never really had the idea of living in the moment explained to me.

Yesterday I watched a Nature episode called "My Life as a Turkey" and the guy was talking about the beauty and stillness of the wild turkey (I know...) and how they didn't betray the moment by worrying about the future, which will by definition never come, so therefore the present is the best they've got. This comes close to my heart because I always feel that everything is passing by so quickly and I'm trying to catch it and relish the NOW but it just slips by before I can blink. And it suuuuuuucks. This was brought into perfect clarity right after my c-section, when I discovered that my previous feelings that I was a laid back, non-anxious person were proven completely wrong. It's almost as if post pregnancy hormones just bring any little hangup you used to ignore right to the surface of your personality, until you are bursting into sobs just watching your slumbering baby get her hearing test.

BTW Thanksgiving was yesterday! It was great fun, but prepping for that big meal is completely different when you know you have the ticking time bomb of a screaming baby in your near vicinity. However, I got not one, but TWO turkey carcasses out of it to make turkey stock later. Oh man oh man food boner you guys. SO EXCITE.

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