Saturday, November 19, 2011

Non-Liquid Diet


Went to the pediatrician on Thursday. They'd screwed up my appointment as usual, so I was "late." Not sure how I can screw up inputing the appointment on my calendar when I do it RIGHT THERE IN RECEPTION. They'd also thought I had another appt next week. Um, no, also why? But I forgive them, because our pedi is also awesome and great and his nurses love love love C.

Anyway, he mentioned that we should start solids soon. Like, in a month. I'd been dreading this because seriously? C. is just five weeks old or something, she needs mommy's milk and THAT'S IT. In no way is she growing up or getting bigger or...wait she's nearly 5 months isn't she. Dear god.

My little itty bitty baby is going to start eating real food soon. How can this be? The delivery is still so fresh in my mind, I feel like I could go right back there. Can that really have been almost half a year ago?

Well, after sort of getting used to the idea (last week my brain was all NO NO NO) I'm kinda sorta looking forward to it. After all, figuring this stuff out is kinda fun. Should I make my own baby food? What about organic food? What about baby-led eating? I want to expose her to many palates and foods (OMG WHAT ABOUT CHOKING NO SOLIDS EVER OMG). Yeah, a bit bi-polar on this issue.

The other thing is she hasn't really shown ANY interest. Sure, she puts stuff in her mouth, but she's constantly teething right now with two little bumps in the center of her bottom gums ready for eruption. Sometimes she'll watch me eat/drink something with a weird fascination on her face. I've heard that in the first months, "feeding" them is more like "seeing what ends up down her throat, and cleaning up her face after." I sill have to find out basics like how much to feed at first, when to start feeding stuff that isn't mixed with milk, what about nuts and other allergens, etc. Sigh.

Also, not looking forward to different and more disgusting poops. Not. At. All.

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